Monday, January 12, 2015

Which Recipe Did I Pick?

On Wednesday (14 January 2015), I'll tackle my first new-to-me recipe, "Belgian Beef Stew (with beer, onions, and herb spaetzle)"

Our copy is personalized from Mr. Allen himself, who we met at our local Barnes & Noble during the summer of 2012. 

Even if you don't cook, you'll notice that the photographs are lovely, the recipes thorough and well-written (no surprise - one of the first non "30-minute" recipes I ever attempted was a Ted Allen recipe for a puffy oven-baked pancake), and most of them aren't out of reach for my current skill level.

Sadly, we hadn't taken the time to really sit with the book and flag our "ooh! this looks great!" recipes because we were both working full-time, keeping rotten hours, and, well, the kid was only 2. 

Ted Allen's book was calling my name this week. I love him on TV, really appreciated the time and patience he took with our family (how many TV personalities will stay patient with a 2-year-old?), and have been itching to try these recipes since bringing this gorgeous book home.

Because it's supposed to remain rather chilly here this week (in the 30's F), I wanted to do a lot of comfort-food recipes this week. (Tonight's dinner, for example, is "AB mac-and-cheese," while tomorrow will be slow-cooker chicken & dumplings.)

This all played into selecting a variation on beef stew - hearty, comforting, and not too fussy. (It's basically a sear-and-braise recipe.)

Today was my main shopping day - picking up stew beef, beef stock, and onions. (I had everything else in the pantry & fridge.)

Tomorrow, while the kid's off at preschool, I'll have time to grab the beer - trying to choose a Belgian or Belgian-style golden ale that suits both my husband's and my palates is going to be a challenge, but I'll happily do it!


  • stew beef (3 lbs)
  • beef stock
  • onion (1.5 lbs)
  • Belgian-style beer (golden ale, lambic, or abbey; I don't particularly care for lambic, so I'm looking at golden ales)

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