Monday, January 12, 2015

Glossary of Liz-Terms (Part 1)

Why should you need a quicklist of terms I use? If you're going to follow this blog, you'll need to know how I short-hand a few people, ingredients, grocery stores, or random things.

Chances are good, I'll need more than one of these over the course of the blog, so this is "Part 1."

  • AB - Alton Brown, whose show Good Eats is part of the reason I'm half the cook I am today. 
  • AP - all-purpose, as in "all-purpose flour" 
  • FN - Food Network
  • Giada-chicken parm - Giada DiLaurentiis's recipe for chicken parmesan, which is a weeknight staple in our house (even if I cheat and use jarred sauce; sorry Giada)
  • GE - Good Eats
  • Mr. Brown see AB
  • Weggies - Wegmans (a Rochester, NY-based local chain of supermarkets; if you think it's insane to rave about a grocery store, you've never been to Wegmans)
Still with me? Good.

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