Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recipe Review - Pork Chops with Peaches & Almonds

This recipe came out of Michael Symon's excellent 5 in 5 cookbook, which (technically) belongs to my husband ... and in which we've flagged a lot of recipes.

I did modify the recipe, though, and for that I apologize - nectarines looked better than peaches at the grocery store; I didn't have sherry vinegar on hand (substituted rice vinegar); and I totally forgot to buy parsley - but I think it turned out OK.

Plated meal - pork chops with stone fruit & almonds, side of salad & pilaf.

Shopping List

  • pork loin chops (calls for 6; I used 4)
  • unsalted slivered almonds 
  • 2 peaches (nectarines)
  • unsalted butter

Recipe Review

Ease of Preparation

Very easy - the most complicated thing is pounding the chops, which my daughter helped me do.

My sister could do this.

Specialty Equipment Required?

None. While I used a meat mallet to pound the chops, you could use a heavy skillet to similar effect.

Speaking of skillets, though, I should have chosen a wider one.

Did my husband and daughter enjoy it?

The husband liked it; the kid refused to touch it.

Regular rotation-worthy?

Yes, I think so. The kid will come around.


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